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          2. 歡迎您來到天津新科聯泰金屬制品有限公司官網,我們将竭誠爲您服務!
            天津新科聯泰金屬制品有限公司 資訊服務熱線:4001-177-707
            ABOUT US
            Tianjin Xinke Liantai Metal Products Co., LTD was founded in 2014. The company is located in the beautiful and rich, high-tech industrial cluster jinnan district of Tianjin, next to jinqi highway, 2 kilometers away from the high-speed exit of Tianjin port, land and air transportation is very convenient. Registered capital of 18.7 million yuan has a building area of 14000 square meters production workshop, has staff more than 460 people, has experienced r &d team, with high level title 8 people, intermediate title 10 people, engineering technical personnel 25 people. Company is mainly engaged in stainless steel plate sales, electrostatic spraying, electrophoresis machining, painting, wood grain transfer printing processing, jinsu processing, mechanical processing, such as: metal processing, sheet metal processing, etc., to the metal material car, milling, planing, grinding, drilling, welding is the strength of the company, has sheet metal processing advantages such as: shear, bending, engraving, plastic spraying, drying, etc. And according to customer requirements to provide design, production of special requirements of the product, for large and medium-sized foreign enterprises and domestic large private enterprises to do supporting production.             The company has advanced mechanical processing equipment, all levels of management personnel and production team through formal quality system training, exquisite technology, higher quality, rich experience, with mass production capacity, is the majority of customers more reliable strategic partners. Is an experienced engaged in precision sheet metal parts processing enterprises, mainly undertake all kinds of sheet metal processing, laser cutting, stamping parts, chassis cabinets, equipment shell, mobile room, turnover box, stainless steel products of precision sheet metal processing and production. The company abides by "fast...
            ABOUT US
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            公司名稱: 天津新科聯泰金屬制品有限公司
            公司地址 : 天津市津南區小站鎮小站工業區4号路15号


            公司電話  : 022-88970005

            手機号碼: 18222900005

            手機号碼: 17622706746

            公司 Q Q:3175409611
            電子郵件: xinkeliantai@126.com
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